Tech is everywhere going into 2023. Every newscast. Every webpage. Every blog. They all talk about tech. Some talk social media. Others talk artificial intelligence. Some talk virtual reality. Most somehow get back to devices or gadgets.

Here is a list of the most sought-after audiophile gadgets that are in the MUST-HAVE list.

  1. Audiophile Grade Bluetooth Over-the-Ear Headphones – WOW has this category come into its own. Today’s wireless, audiophile, Bluetooth, over-the-ear headphones are often fashion forward with the performance that kicks total ass in terms of music and media playback. ANC (noise cancelation) is not just a technology dominated by Sony and Bose anymore. Apple, Focal Bathys, Mark Levinson No. 5909, Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2, Technics, Sennheiser  Momentum 4 and others now have and use well.
  2. Tables Control Audiophile Systems – and without the need for a Crestron Home System or even Control4. Lighting systems work with apps. So do the headphones mentioned above. HVAC controls work there easily. Shades from the likes of Hunter Douglas work on your iPad – all right next to your streaming music apps like Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music HD, Apple Music, Pandora, and others
  3. Audiophile Turntables are all the rage. Digitally burned out people are looking to a low-resolution but “slow” and “analog” for media. Much like Millennials like to grow/buy house plants – they tend to like vinyl. It doesn’t sound as good as streaming but for between $400 and $700 you can get a very good turntable capable of taking you back to the 1960s for your musical sources. The artists, engineers and producers designed many of our best records to playback on vinyl. Now the kids are into it. Who knew?
  4. In-ear-Monitors are cool too. Think about how artists look when they are on-stage and have those molded, custom ear-phones in with a mix in their head JUST for them. Well you can have that now for your travel bag, gym setup and more. Companies like Ultimate Ears send out an in-home fitting kit so that you can get 100 percent bespoke IEMs for you that are wired, wireless or whatever. They are colorful, high performance and come with a long battery. Here’s a review of a wired pair of Ultimate Ears made in conjunction with Capitol Records that are designed to be “studio flat” in terms of performance. Super light wright and great sounding.
  5. Nothing says King of All audio-gadgets like home theater seating. Some of the high end products like ones that come from Elite HTS are bespoke meaning that they actually measure you for your own home theater seat. Add that to custom fabrics, exotic leathers and you’ve got one epic gadget for your man cave. 

There will be more gadgets worthy of looking at. We will update in a little while. Check back in.